Sliver in Eternity

I used to be unnerved by some of the the violent and negative impulses that I could see rising up out of myself, until I realized that the very fact that I could see those things in myself was evidence that God, Himself, was addressing them, turning up the heat so that they would boil …

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Carriage of Transcendence

I have always been different. As a child, it was always made to look weird, undesirable, and something that should be overcome. It didn't matter who I was around, or where I went, someone was always trying to erase my personality, and replace it with something, that was more agreeable with their selfish attitudes towards …

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Prelude to Virtuosity

I have been meditating much lately over the deeper meanings of things that I have known, seen, and heard my whole life. And it's because I have discovered that real life, that has real problems, will actually pass through distinct seasons, rather than stagnating in one place, indefinitely. I consider it both a blessing and …

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